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Saturday, October 30, 2004



Using RSS Popper
Outlook Add-In problems

Does RSS Popper supports non-Latin languages (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) ?

What is the difference between the 'stable' version and the 'development' ?

Why RSS Popper isn't open source?

Using RSS Popper
When I click 'Read more' or any other link within a message I get a phishing warning, and Outlook asks to verify the site. How to prevent this?

How can I backup RSS Popper settings?

How can I change the log file settings?

Can I move RSS Popper settings, including the list of messages retrieved, from one computer to another?

Is there an option to Auto-Delete messages?

I'm trying to install/uninstall RSS Popper, after closing Outlook, and I still get 'Close running instance of Outlook first'.

In the incoming news items the sender name is the local user name and the post date is the current date, and not feed date.

I get the error "Additional information: The underlying connection was closed: The server committed an HTTP protocol violation."

Outlook Add-in problems
Why can't I see RSS Popper in Outlook COM Add-In list?

I've installed RSS Popper but no toolbar appeared in my Outlook

Outlook disabled RSS Popper after an error, how do I re-enable it?

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