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Wednesday, September 29, 2004



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I'm trying to feed your reader with the feed from It keeps telling me that the XML ist invalid.
Same for the feed from:
Here it tells me "Unsupported RSS version: 2".

You can mail me at
Thank you for your comments.
Both issues are addressed in v0.18
Thanks, seems to work now.
Whlie in edit mode i am trying to import a .opml file exported from Firefox/Sage I'm able to select the file, choose the feed location and once i click ok, i get the following error: A popup window which says "failed to open OPML file"

Sage 1.2
Firefox 1.0 PR
RSS Popper 0.18a

Any suggestions
after manually adding various RSS feeds at once in Edit Mode, it seems when i choose to invoke the content refresh processing of the list is not multi threaded. Outlook 2003 is multi threaded why can't the processing of the various RSS feeds be done that way too?
Regarding the last two comments:
1. I'll check ASAP the Firefox OPML issue
2. RSS Popper will be multi-threaded by the end of this month.
I've just released version 0.18b which supports the OPML format of Firefox/Sage (they use 'text' attribute instead of 'title' for folder name).
You rock Sagi, thanks for your effort!

So, when i am viewing RSS feeds within their folder that have image flags, outlook blocks the download of the image, i can right click on the space and tell it to download the image. Would it be possible to over ride the outlook feature to block the downloading of embedded content within the RSS feed folder?
I'm unaware of such option. I'll check if it is possible to download the picture and put it as attachment. This way it will be local image and Outlook will display it.

Nice little app, but here's a few observations:

- when items are delivered to Outlook (connected to Exchange 2003) they are not marked a unread - is this something you have come across?

- additionally, items are not being date stamped with the dtae/time from the feed, rather they are being date stamped with the date/time of collection

- do you have any plans to enable manual control of the refresh interval?

I am trying to use your app with Outlook 2003 SP-1 on Windows XP Pro.

I get a

"Failed to locate Microsoft Outlook, or unsupported Outlook version.
Please consult for the list of supported versions"

message when launching RSS Popper.
Please contact me by e-mail
How does RSS Popper deal with proxies?

I get

"The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server."

in the RSS folder for each specified feed.

My IE is set to automatically detect proxy settings so if Popper reads those it will not find any (this is a problem I've found with other software).
The RSS Popper proxy settings are per feed (in the current version):
* No Proxy
* Default Proxy - Use the IE *static* proxy, i.e. proxy proxy definition in IE which is not dynamic (not your case)
* Manual Proxy - Set your proxy your self. You should find out which proxy is used, and to enter details here.

In one of the coming versions (by the end of the month) I'll enable global proxy setting.
Hi, nice work...

Are you planning to realease the source of your program later? Or create an open source project at sourgeforge/GotDotNet?

George J.
I don't know if I'll release the code. Maybe when I'll stop the frequent updates. The truth is I wanted to start this at SourceForge, but they didn't understood what I want to do so they rejected my request...
Some RSS feeds not working for me:

I don't know if they are correct but I post them as examples for you.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
All of those issues will be resolved in version 0.19a. I hope I could release it by Wednesday.
Job well done Sagi. itsWorking for me. Some feedback or functions i'm missing:

Thanks for the "error reading feed" message but it fills up outlook, if you have no internet connection availible. So it would be nice to disable that messages and simply to change the icon (brocken sun ?:-).

Frank (

Sobald RSS-Popper über einen Proxy läuft und er einen RSS-Feed nicht erreichen kann, postet er periodisch in Outlook die Message "Error" in den RSS-Sammelordner, könnte man das nicht a) komplett unterbinden oder b) nur im Editier GUI visuell darstellen?
Sonst ist RSS-Popper GENIAL :-)

I speak only English, could you send this comment again in English ? (you can send it to my e-mail).
Nice App, very cool.

Only one wish: the ability to disable the "Error posts", that blow up the folders.



Daniel Fisher(lennybacon)
The german post asks for "disabling the error mail" - you should add a error log instead.
In the next version the error messages will be send to a designated folder, and if I'll have the time, I'll add an option to disable them.
Das 'br'-Anfangstag in der Zeile '54' stimmt nicht mit dem Endtag von 'title' überein. Zeile 54, Position 79.

I get this error message since today with 0.19 from the Spiegel-Online feed at,5291,,00.xml

Can you please answer to ralph.schraven (at)
The XML isn't valid (you even can't open it in IE).
It would be great if the Feeds Info window showed the path to the outlook folder.

Thanks for a great tool!

Michael Bierman
I'll add it in the next version.
The download link for .20b still downloads .20a version.

I'm trying to get the .20b so I can delete some feeds.

By the way, it works very nicely on XP Pro with Outlook 2003 as an Outlook add-in tool.

Thanks so much for this. Very nice!
I keep getting an error that can't be reached. The error says, "Failed while reading feed: Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley

Message: The operation has timed-out.

Read more"

All the other feeds seem to be working fine and I can go to that URL and see the feeed.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

Michael Bierman
Filtering the RSS items...

Anyone have any luck using Outlook filters on the RSS items? For the life of me, I can't figure out how to build a filter for them--I don't know what fields apply. Any thoughts?

I'm totally jazzed about RSS Popper...I've been looking for something like this for quite a while.


Michael Bierman

first let me say that your little smart program is very useful and since outlook integration I won't miss it anymore!

I've little problems getting serveral rss feeds, i.e.


I just installed V0.20b and have a small problem using NT (yes verything was fine till V0.19a) and Outlook 200 SR-1

the options window opens iwith a really small size, and I can not resize it. So I have problems changeing anything.


Please contact me by e-mail. It seems weird that the Options windows is the problematic.
Gotta say I like this. Anything that integrates all of the feeds into 1 place is good. I hate having to have one app for rss, another for news, another for email etc. Now everything is intgrated into Outlook again (as Exchange provides news feeds). Nice one Sagi !!

Any plans to produce a server service based version to centralise RSS feeds into an Exchange public folder (or maybe via SMTP ?)
Thanks. Your idea is interesting, and there's no technological barrier, but I don't see mass demand for that.
You can use RSS Popper to deliver RSS to public folders (just change the base folder), so you could dedicate a computer (or a virtual PC) which will deliver RSS to the public folders so everyone could see them.
My setting: WinXP, OutlookXP SP3, RSS-popper 2.0c

My problem: if I try to delete a feed I see that message: What's wrong?

Another problem: The "disable" of a feed isn't possible, when the address isn't reachable anymore.

thank's for help!
The symptom you are discribing is of version 0.20 & 0.20a. Please verify you have version 0.20b and above (check in the 'About' window).

The disable checkbox can be changed only inside the feed editting screen (not in the main feeds grid).

Hope this helps, if not please send me e-mail.
Hi - love RSS Popper but having some trouble with 'nested folders' in Outlook 2003:

When I move my feeds into a folder that I create under the "RSS" folder called "Washington Post", quit Outlook, open up Outlook again, one of my Washington Post feeds (Sports) always ends up back at the RSS folder level - and the feed is displayed in the nested "Washington Post" folder as well.

This issue occurs with three specific feeds, and every time I delete them at the RSS folder level, they re-appear, but are also in the nested folder that I created for them as well. I hope that makes sense.

If you wish to move feed's folder, open the "Edit Feeds" window, select your feed, and change the destination folder for that feed.

In any other way (such as moving the feed yourself) - RSS Popper will recreate the original folder.
Image attributes are displaying as text in 2.0c. i.e. I see the picture in the article and the text is: border="0" height="159" hspace="4" vspace="12" width="175" />Remember
SunnComm? The geniuses whose copy-protection software
could be blocked simply by holding down the shift ke....

the image is right aligned, so looks like some of the attributes under img tag are used and others are spewed back out to the screen.
Could you e-mail me the link to the feed in which you have the problem ?
You want to made this program open-source but you dont due some registration problems with sourceforge.

Do you plan to publish the source code in this site?
I might do that in the future. Currently the code is a mess, and lacks documentation, and there's no way I'll let the world see such horrible code :)
Hello Sagi,
your tool does not tell the author name and / or email... Instead it shows the feed title. am i too blind to find the option?

Besides, if tried alot of rss readers and yours is the best so far! thanx
I does say the author name, but it depends on the feed type (for example for ATOM feeds you can see the author name).
If you can send my (e-mail please) and example of a specific feed I could adjust my RSS parser.
I am unable to use the feeds
I was able to use them with other aggregators.

Thanks for a great product.
I'll fix it in the next minor release (check again in 2-3 days for the most)
Thanks for the nice plugin. Please build in a option to view webpages (link adress from the rss items) directly in outlook (such as the rss integration in thunderbird)
peter (at)

Thanks for the pluggin, it's very very useful.

Please can you tell me when I got rss news from
I only got an empty text. It seems that the descrition tag is not loaded, but the body tag is. Can't you load information from the boddy tag, if the description is empty ?

RSS Popper v0.21a supports the 'body' tag.
Hi Sagi,

Great freeware!
Here's an example for a feed that does not show the author's name:

Instead it shows the title of the feed.

I guess this occurs because RssPopper does not support schema.
I'll add it in v0.21b later today.

I am trying to download the 21b version but I still get the 20e version. Please update your site.

I had a few problems getting RSS Popper to run with .Net 1.1

Installing the old (non-addin) version gave me the following Error:

"Application has generated an exception that could not be handled" , then quoted the Process ID and Thread ID.
Following this were two buttons.
OK for terminate and Cancel to debug.

I tried the Addin version and it just never appeared.

It ended up being .Net permissions, and I fixed it by disabling .Net persmissions altogether with the following command.

%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CasPol.exe -s off

I hope this helps somebody
Hi Sagi,

thanks for this really great tool!
Would it be possible to display the complete Text of an RSS feed in the Outlook window?
E.g., only shows the subject and a link "Read more" in the main text frame. So I first have to click on that link to open the complete message in a web browser window. On the other hand, maybe this is not a problem of RSS popper, but perhaps does not show more in the RSS feed. I dunno.

I also would like to know if/how it is possible to use Outlook filters on the RSS feeds. I have no clue.

Anyway, good luck with RSS popper and many thanks for your great efforts!

Kind regards,
1. The feed itself doesn't contain a body (try to open it with IE).

2. You can use "Search Folders". I don't think rules will work.

first thank you for this fine program.
Till Version 0.19 (stand-alone-version) everything works fine for me. But with the add-in-version nothing is working anymore. After the deinstallation of 0.19, closing outlook and installing the add-in-version (0.21d) no RSSPopper toolbar appears in outlook after restarting.

Anybody any idea?

Outlook 2003 German
Windows XP Pro SP 2
Framework 1.1

Thanks in advance for any answer.
My first guess would be checking the security settings of the .NET framework (I'll add a comment to the FAQ, but you can read about it in one of the previous comments)
Oh, and if doesn't help you can reinstall v0.19 until there's a solution, just change the URL of the download link to be "RSSPopper.exe" instead of "RSSPopperI.exe"
Absolutely great! Any chance of adding synchronisation with bloglines in a next release? That way people can surf their feeds from work in bloglines and @ home with rss popper.

I don't know what's bloglines, but I'll check it out
Hi Sagi,

It would be great to have an option to select the folder that will be assigned to the feed, when using "Subscribe in RSSPopper" from the browser.

I had problems opening UI after the IE feed registration (the window loses focus). If you know any program that does that please e-mail me and I'll take a look.
After I installed Lookout 1.30 (search plugin) RSS Popper settings ca't be stored anymore!
I have both Lookout 1.3 and RSSPopper 0.22c working fine together.
I also have Lookout 1.3 and Outlook 2003. When I try to save RSS Popper changes I get an unhandled exception. Is this what is happening to you, pahu? I am using .NET Framework v1.1.4322 and have tried disabling security.
I have Lookout 1.3 and Outlook 2000. I get an unhandled exception as well when trying to save RSS Popper channel changes.
I had Lookout 1.2x first. Then installed RSS Popper 0.22c - which screwed Lookout up (toolbar not OK). So I uninstalled Lookout and re-installed 1.3. That killed RSS Popper. So I re-installed RSS Popper. Now Lookout works and RSS Popper channels can't be changed.
It seems many people have problems using the Lookout 1.3beta with RSS Popper (any version). I'm trying to figure it out.
There is a workaround for the exception that is caused when Lookout and Rsspopper are used. If you have Lookout 1.3 installed and then install Rsspopper, make sure to copy the file rss.dll from the rsspopper directory to the program files\microsoft office\office11\ directory or the one for your version of office. Then start Outlook. Now if you change the feeds there wont be any exception if you save the changes.

The workaround worked for me.
Now I uninstalled .22 and installed .23c and now the problem is gone (I deleted the files copied to \microsoft office\office11 as well!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sometimes the dollar sign "$" is not coming up in the post titles. See for example what came up today.
(I am putting in spaces between the symbols otherwise the browser is displaying the $ sign instead of the symbols)
Merrill Lynch Fined & # 3 6 ; 13.5M for Violations (AP)

That & # 3 6 ; should be $

Thank you for your comment. I've fixed this issue and uploaded a new version - 0.24a.
The RSS feed at seems to fail regulaly--in fact it doesn't seem to work at all.
I've tried this feed with v0.24a and it seems just fine. If you're using an older version I would appreciate it if you try with v0.24a.
If RSS Popper doesn't work at all it probably a proxy configuration issue.
I am trying to feed RSS Popper with the feed from

It always reports an error:
Failed while reading feed: Ilium Software News

Message: Culture name en_US is not supported. Parameter name: name

Read more
obviously it has some problem with the language element...

BTW: selectively disabling individual feeds by unchecking the checkbox in the Edit Feeds => "Enabled" column doesn't seem to work either...

Language: It's fixed in v0.24b I've just released.

Enable/Disable: It works fine, it might not take effect instantly if there's a feed refresh in progress
the issue with the enable/disable is that one has to _open_ the feed and _then_ choose to enable or disable. One cannot just do it from the list of feeds. Also one cant enable/disable multiple at a time. That would help sometimes when we want to turn off more than one feed.
I'll add Enable/Disable buttons in the next minor version (0.24c)
Excellent program. I've tried every free feed reader I can find, and this one comes the closest to what I want.
In fact, I only have one complaint:
Received field and Created field do not have the actual dates that each RSS item was created, rather they reflect when the item was downloaded.
I would love if each "email" could reflect the date that each item was published, so that when I sort them by date they're actually grouped by when they were published.
The whole idea is to get away from having to look at each feed seperately, getting all my news at the same time in the same place in a linear way grouped by time not by publisher.
RSS Popper changes the e-mail date to the original date the post was created, if such field exists in the feed.
The feed(s) you are referring to probably missing 'date' field.
Looks like most of the feeds I'm interested in don't have the date field. Ah well, thanks...this'll have to do. :)
If you'll send me your OPML or just a list of feeds I could verify this.
Very Nice App. I now use it instead of any other RSS reader. I use the 0.23 version, and get the following from an RSS feed I want to read: "Your robot does not respect any kind of caching headers (eg If-Modified-Since), and instead re-downloads the full feed every single time. Until it's fixed, try something else". The feed is What seems to be the problem?
More Proxy deals!
Our company uses proxy. I tried connection with default and custom proxy options. Test connection says = Proxy Test OK, but I still could not connect and got report:
"Failed while reading feed: RSS Popper
Message: The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required."

Where is problem?
I have problems to reinstall RSS Popper after a shutdown, hangup of the computer. The toolbar don't appear and if I reinstall the software, application that change nothing. I have tried the two version none of them is working. Help MY.


my mail address
After getting some error msgs from several RSS feeds using the popper - a great app by the way - I consulted them and the result is that they say that the popper should implement common ways to reduce load on the
1. At the HTTP level. The client should supply a If-Modified-Since value so if the file has not changed since the last time the client got it, the server simply tells the client so and no data is transferred.
2. If the server sends an "Expires" header with a document, the client should not try to re-fetch it any sooner than the time specified.

3. Respect the refresh interval that the feed specifies. Some of our feeds specify updateFrequency and updatePeriod. But there are other ways to specify it, depending on the exact XML schema used.

Can you comment on it?
Can you please include a Privacy Policy page ..? That will help me to recommend your software to my friends .. I hope you understand my point ..:) ..
Is there any way to change the font used by RSS Popper? I have Outlook set up to use Arial everywhere, but the RSS feeds seem to be coming in with Times New Roman, which I just don't like.
Your FAQ says that RSS Popper "was meant to be open source" and then goes on with some explanation that I didn't understand about sourceforge.

If you want to make it open source just... publish the source! oh, and say which open source license you have chosen to apply to it.

Am I missing something here? Are you under the impression that you must go through sourceforge to open source your code?
Just got back from vacation, I'm not sure how much time I'll have for RSS Popper in the near future. Anyway here goes:

(Proxy issues)Try the lastest version.

(Reducing Traffic)I plan to implement it (bith ETAG & lastModified), but I didn't had the time so far. I was not aware of any tags for refresh intervals.

(Privacy)I'll add it, but anyway, RSS Popper doesn't send anything from your computer, and does not install anything but RSS Popper. The only IP connection which is not RSS/Atom/RDF is to to retrieve updates (which infact doesn't realy work).

(Font)I'm not sure. RSS Popper doesn't force the font, but it uses HTML, check out the default font for HTML emails.

(Open Source)There's no added value in just releasing the code. contains a pubDate tag, but RSS popper seems to be ignoring it.
The pubDate format in that feed is very unique. I've added support for this format in v0.25b which I've just uploaded.
Minor UI issue: Your OK buttons all have a lower-case k (+1 for consistency). The Windows default is an upper-case K.
Rss Poper that's great tool but I have little problem. RSSPoper don't use Windows autentificate so when I try read RSS from IIS with Windows autentificated he can't read it. It read only with anonymous acces on IIS.


I'm trying to feed your reader with the feed from

Failed while reading feed: Windows IT Pro Magazine - SQL Server

Message: Unsupported feed type: RSS

Failed while reading feed:

Message: '', hexadecimal value 0x01, is an invalid character. Line 35, position 235.
Hello Sagi,

Thanks for this great tool! I am using version 0.25 on Outlook 2003 and I found a few bugs.

My posts are not showing the line return that are present inside the RSS source.

I also have a very annoying bug. Each time I am starting Outlook, In the "All Mail Folders" section, my RSS directory tree and also all my personal directory trees are collapsed and I need to expand them manually and this is taking me a lot of time. To you know how to fix that?

I think it will be nice to have the choice to configure the default web browser we want to use to open the post.

Also it will be nice to also be able to configure the default RSS program regarding the Internet Explorer Integration to force using RSS Popper instead of the default one. My system is configured to use another RSS reader and I don’t know how to change it.

Is it possible to get the source code somewhere so we can help you and propose patches ? I guess it will be great to have it available under GPL.

Many thanks.


I'm unable to use RSS Popper with feeds that use non-standard ports, such as this:

Other than this, I've never had any problems with it. Excellent product, thank you.
What an excellent add-in for outlook. And it supports authentication and https. Top notch.

I've found what i think is a bug:

If you edit an existing feed (Edit Feeds->Modify), you can't Ok the changes without getting an error:

"Unable to read feed from link.
The remote server returned an error: (304) Not Modified."

A workaround is to hit the Clear History button first to force a feed refresh, but this is less than perfect.
Reading your other comments, if you want some code that does HTTP NTLM (Windows) authentication, leave a message here and i'll pick it up and contact you.
it looks for me the current download link for (0.25G) is still to the old version (0.24)

0.25 added gzip support.
I just have another type bzip2:

Can you add bzip2 support as well?
1. I fixed the download links

2. bz2 - The example you gave is for a feed that is pre-compressed with bz2, while gzip compression is part of the HTTP protocol. I'm pretty sure I never seen such thing before (and I doubt if I will in the future).
I have a problem with https over a proxy.
I assume current version (0.25) does a direct connection for https while it uses the proxy (if configured) for http.
hi sagi
first of all, big 'thank you' for rsspopper
now comment:
1) could you please allow to add same feeds twice?
e.g.: gmail atom feed for two accounts

2) i'm not able to use feed
...always ending up with error 407 proxy unauthorized
but other feeds work fine
Great PRogram! I seem to be getting duplicates of every article that downloads. If i leave them enabled I have dozens of copies of each article. CAn this be avioded?

James D. Buskirk
Hi, more Proxy issues.

With Version 0.24e I tried different proxy options. Test connection says: "Proxy Test OK". When trying different feeds, always got message: "The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required."

To login in, my company proxy requires fill in Username, Password and Domain. How it is possible in this program Manual or Default Proxy seting put in Domain name?

Why dont you suppor visual styles?
To provide this support in .NET 1.1 it's only needed a call to Application.EnableVisualStyles as the first line of code and put the property flatstyle to system in all controls that has it.

This will make the program integrate seamless in outlook.

Despite of this rsspopper is one of the best pieces of software i ever saw.
What about multi-language support? You only have to publish the resx file for each form and each user could translate...
1. Proxy 407 / NTLM / HTTP 401 - I'm working on it, but the issue is still open.

2. Visual Styles - It seems there's a bug in .NET 1.1 causing the application to crush from time to time, so I'll skip it for now.

3. Multi-lang support - Maybe in the future.
I am trying to configure to work with our internal SharePoint site, that is setup with Windows Authentication. I get 404's. And entering the Domain\cuid and password manually does not work either.
works well. Duplicates seem to be a problem though. Is any development being done to eliminate dupes? Maybe computing a hash for each or something?
In which feed do you get duplicated posts?
Hi, getting proxy authentication problems. Under Options, Network Connection I have the proxy set as custom with the DNS name of my preferred proxy and port 80, I have authentication set to default and the test result is "OK". However, in the feeds themselves I cannot change the authentication to either default or a custom user name and password, simply get "unable to read feed, 407 proxy authentication required" which I don't understand since the global settings seem to test OK.
re: duplicates

The duplicate entries are because we are running rsspopper from two machines that use the same outlook account. For example, my desktop machine and my laptop.

Is there a way that rsspopper can detect when dupes show up and eliminate them automatically? thanks.
I'm exploring an option to synchronized with which will prevent this (duplicate items).
I subscribed to and they have banned me from their subscription for 72 hours saying that my RSS reader software is trying to connect to their server more often then it allowed? any suggestion??? my interval of checking new feed is default to 900seconds....


re: duplicates

What about rss feeds that are internal to an organization? (not publicly available on internet).

Bloglines is just for public feeds, right?
Any idea you'll have is welcome. I don't see a way. Please reply by e-mail.
Just wanted to say thanks, I love it, works perfect for me!
Just a note, the version available on is very old and "expired" upon install.
RSS Popper is downloading images that appear in img tags in a posting and attaching them to the message in outlook. However, the image shows up as missing when viewing the message.
This feed was working in the past but stopped working with RSS Popper

Message: Unsupported RSS version: 1.0
1. Downloaded images problem - which feed?

2. This is a feed problem (the XML tag is incorrect). Anyway RSS Popper 0.28b support this as well.
Sagi - you're a star!
RSS Popper is one of my fovorite tools (there a not that many other that I use all day long).
When will the .028c release be available and what part of the XML is incorrect (maybe the feed administrator shoud know)
Sorry type 028b not c - I found and downloaded ist and everything is working again- Great job!
Having a minor problem with RSSPopper (which I think is great, by the way) and that relates to the time stamp on the downloaded posts. They're getting time-stamped in the future; apparently with GMT but not my local time.

As a result posts downloaded now are being time stamped 10 hours in the future. Any suggestions; I'm using .27c.
Re - my last comment on the time stamps. I upgraded to .28b and that seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!
...I spoke too quickly. Some of the feeds are still getting posted with times 10 hours in advance of now. Others have the correct time.
Any chance of getting feeds to use stylesheets (xslt) like Newsgator?

I like giving certain feeds that personal touch.

Great application - keep up the good work!

I have two questions:

1) Is "Proxy 407 / NTLM / HTTP 401" still an issue?
2) Are "Collapsing folders" still an issue?
Very nice application, Sagi, good work.

A couple of suggestions/requests:

- Display category of items (maybe I just haven't been able to find it).

- Localization support, please! I suppose moving the strings to an external file would do, and it's not like there are hundreds of them ;-)

I agree with previous comments: Releasing the source code would be nice, however it is, as that would diminish fears of spyware or other hidden behaviour.
It looks great but... I want to add some features.

Are you still developing this app?
Or can you public source code?

Best regards
Yes, I'm still developing RSS Popper. Contact me by e-mail if you got any request.
One big problem

I move my outlook.pst to the new computer. I install RSS Popper 0.28d and... After synchronization I have got new unread messages in RSS folder. But those messages was downloaded and marked as read on previous PC. The RSS Popper does not check the timestamp and subject of the RSS and previously downloaded messages.

Best regards
I've added to the FAQ how to move RSS Popper settings from one computer to another. This would prevent the problems you describe.

For further information please contact me by e-mail.
In Outlook 2003 you can sort by Conversation. If you have multiple feeds sent to the same folder (INBOX, in my case), they all fall under the same blank conversation grouping. Can you set it up to have each feed fall under it's own conversation group? Perhaps a conversation name that is user definable.
Currently I use v0.28d.

When I try to add,5291,,00.xm I get the following error message: "Failed to retrieve title from feed".

The same happens when I try to add (original)
When I modify the url it works: (modified)
I'm unable to get it working on Windows XP SP2. Outlook doesn't show up the RSS Popper menu (even after read and applied the trick from the FAQ regarding this issue). When I clic on Subscribe In RSS Popper in IE contextual menu, I get the following error message: RSS Popper add-in not found. It was working fine before but I had to upgrade due to release expiration. I got the message with both version 0.27 and 0.28. Thanks for you help!
1.,5291,,00.xm - Works fine for me (just add the 'l' at the end.

2. - Tried to open it in IE - doesn't work.

I used to use NewsGator, bt I got tired of it and after searching around a little, I came upon RSS Popper. I really like it a lot. I was just wondering if I could register a feature request. Could you add an option for hyperlinks to the original content pages in the messages RSS Popper generates for posts? I like to monitor a few photoblogs via RSS, and they are always better viewed in their websites rather than via thumbnail view in Outlook. As it is, when RSS Popper tells me there's been an update, I have to navigate to the site through preferences in my browser, and it takes a long time. That's the only feature I miss from NewsGator. I DEFINITELY don't miss it's laggy and bloated performance though, so I'm not switching back regardless.

I didn't understood - there's a link "Read more..." for the original page if you're on summary mode.

Do you mean adding this link even if RSS Popper downloads the entire web page?

please answer by e-mail (
This program rocks!

How about adding an icon to appear in the systray when new headlines are found?
Hi Sagi,

Very very very nice tool..

expect that the proxy stuff is still giving 407 error..

I like this project. especially the way it integrates into outlook..
This is such a cool little app! Best of all, it's free! Please don't change your prices!

It works with most of my RSS feeds except for one, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. I get blank pages when I have the download web page enabled.

It is RSS 2.0 and the link is:

Keep us your fine work!
* starbulletin - The feed itself is empty. Try open it with IE.
I do get the individual article titles , but I don't get the HTML in the body of the feed.

It works with other RSS readers like in Thunderbird and Firefox, but since I prefer to use Outlook, I was hoping that RSS Popper would work too.

Here's the RSS instruction page:
The RSS is empty.

You may want to check the 'Download Web Page' check box in the feed information ('RSS Popper'->'Edit Feeds'->Choose the feed), to download the webpage itself to Outlook.

already mailed you about this bug in prior versions,just want to report that it is still there in 0.28d and 0.29a:

When RSSPopper is installed, the outlook tree doesn't remember which folders were expanded on startup, the whole tree is closed. Uninstalling RSS Popper solves this problem, so it must be a problem with your program, any ideas?

really a cool app!

However: The time of the messages I receive is wrong... The differ by two hours... Maybe UTC time, here is German Daylight Saving time...

It was addressed before: When I download the whole HTML page I'd like to see a link to the original page, too. It's just because some pages are not downloaded completely (i.e., everything is there but the article itself).

Yep, confirmed that the Star Bulletin RSS feed works with other RSS programs except with RSS Popper. It brings in the newspaper's articles, but the body doesn't come in even if the Download Web Page is checked. Maybe in ver 0.30?
I had rss popper installed in Outlook 2003 and it woked just fine, until one time Outlook complained saying rss popper was causing fatal errors, and asked if I wanted to disable it. I clicked yes. When I went to renable it, outlook didn't list any rss popper add-ins and I couldn't add any as none were "valid". I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling rss popper, but it dosen't do a thing. I don't want to reinstall Outlook and I like this program better over others I've seen. Please help!
Got the proxy problem (407),

Message: De externe server heeft een fout geretourneerd: (407) Verificatie op de proxy is vereist.

PLEASE give someone a solution!!
I just installed RSS popper and I like it.
is there any way to get outlook 2003 to notify me about new RSS items with the pop up window. (like it does for new Inbox items)


Your Headline Reader Has Been Banned

Any ideas?
Too frequent refresh interval, use much longer interval (say few hours).
I've tried to get RSS Popper v0.3d to open up a local file (representing the local version of the latest news feed from my web site - so I can look at it prior to uploading and publishing it). However it doesn't seem to work for me (I get an error when trying to add the feed to the list).

Please can you tell me the exact file format string required (slashes or backslashes for directory separators, can it cope with spaces, with spaces do I need to enclose everything in quotes, etc.) The prefix for local files I'm used to in Firefox, etc is "file:///, rather than when you quote on your web site - it it correct?

If I could make this new feature work it would be a very good addition. Thanks for your help - and for a good program.
I tried sending this message via email, but it kept getting bounced (I sent from 2 different addresses). Anyway, when I try to access this site via the link in your RSS feed ( I get a "login" dialog, and cannot get to the site.



ebpublic (at)
I would love it if RSS Popper could use Outlook 2003's desktop alerts, just liek when receiving email. Any chances of this?
Any idea what might be causing this error? I got all of my BL feeds organised in folders.

"Failed while reading feed: Bloglines

Message: An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 15, position 29."
If Outlook 2003 disables the add-in, please follow this sequence to re-enable it. Click on Help Menu > Click on About Microsoft Office Outlook > Click on Disabled Items button at the bottom > Click on the relevant add-in and click on enable
Hi again,
Thanks to the person who found the fix for disabled rss popper in outlook. Anyway, I've got it enabled but now it causes Outlook to crash upon startup. I've emailed Sadi and thought maybe someone here could help me. Thanks,
dodge.kevin (AT)
I've got a WinXP, Outlook XP and problem with downloading some of the RSS Channels. When I install Outlook 2k3 program connects to previously unavailable feeds.
But in accordance to policy I must have Outlook XP. :-(

Can you make some investigation?

Best regards
Can you add column with refresh interval in "Edit Feeds" window? It will be very helpfull when this column will have format "hh:mm:ss" not only seconds.

Best regards
A. Which feeds did work with Office XP?

B. I'll add "Refresh Interval" column in version 0.31b
For example:

Failed while reading feed:

Message: The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.

Worked just fine for me. Weird. Are you sure it wasn't temporary?
Error: "Failed while reading feed: Dilbert
Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Dilbert feed URL is

I'm using Outlook 2003 SP1 and RSS Popper .30e
Any ideas?
Thanks for this great product!
Previously I received the message like Joel Lyons.

Best regards
To change the font that RSS Popper uses to display the previews in Outlook, change your Internet Explorer fonts. :)
Thanks for the great tool! I may just be doing something wrong, but if you set the Authentication under Network Connection in Options to be anything other than "None", when you create a new feed, it is ignores your preference and always is set to "None". I set my preference in Options to be "Default" and it is not carried through to new feeds.

Thanks again,
Installed version 0.30e, but still getting error below:

Failed while reading feed: [feed name]

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Read more
Could you send me the URL of the feed (by e-mail) ?
Are the downloaded posts stored in your local PST file, or on the Exchange server?

Thanks for an excellent product
I tried only on PST, but it should work on Exchange server too.

On on computer, Popper is displaying the unformatted text of my feed even when I check the display web page option. On other computers, however, Popper is displaying the same feed correctly, with formatted text and with the display web page option enabled. Uninstall/reinstall does not work. It remembers everything from the previous installation.

Any ideas?
Could you send me a link to the feed by e-mail?
Excellent very-low overhead product.

Got a bug/annoyance report:

1.) I moved my feeds to deliver into folders I already had established for many sites (such as \Inbox\Microsoft\News) instead of the default \RSS\* folder.

2.) I have no other plug-installed.

3.) I am connecting to an Exchange server remotely, but I deliver all of my content to my PST folder instead of the Exchange mailbox.

4.) Using Office 2003.

Bug 1.) After installing RSS Popper, even though I delete the \RSS folder created by RSS Popper, RSS Popper will always re-create it when I open Outlook.

Bug 2.) Everytime I open Outlook, my Folder Trees are all collasped.
I have just begun using RSS Popper and I am having a problem with 3 out of the 15+ feeds I read. The RSS Popper Errors log reports:

"Failed while reading feed: XXXXXXX RSS

Message: The value of the date string in the header is invalid."

This happens for the following feeds:

These 3 RSS feeds all come from the same publisher.

Have you come across this before? Is there anything that can be done?

The current version (0.32a) doesn't support german "Umlaute" such as 'ö','ä','ü','ß'.
If you could fix that, RSS Popper would be a real killer-app ;)
Your app is great. A good missing feature is a notification pop-up (or better -emerging from the systray) msg for selected rss.
A. 3 problematic feeds - I could open them in Internet Explorer so I guess there's a problem with the feeds themselves.

B. German letters - Please check the FAQ how the computer regional settings should be set to support non-English languages.
With versions newer than 0.30e I cannot close Outlook properly (i.e. it remains in memory, and I have to close it with the Task Manager / End Process). I had this same problem before version 0.30e, but this version fixed the issue. However, it is happening again in versions 0.31 and in development version 0.32...

Thanks for the great app.

Two questions:

1. I am receiving posts from an internal application that our company produces and I keep getting the page break symbol (the bracket b slash bracket) instead of page breaks. The developer speculates "Looks like your RSS reader doesn't support xhtml br tag." Is there a setting I am missing?

Also, I am logging into an authenticated feed and downloading the web page, but I am not able to log in from the RSS message (I get the login screen). and the RSS message does not remember my infomation. Why would this occur if my login info is already in RSS Popper?

Thank you for your support.

Please contact me by e-mail.

Running RSS Popper 0.30e in Outlook 2003 on Windows XP. My computer is a laptop and I use stand-by instead of shutdown mostly. It seems every time I resume my laptop from stand-by I receive a number of these errors:

Failed while reading feed: [Feed Name]

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Its hardly ever the same feed that gives me this error, and it always occur shortly after resume. For a short while they keep occuring (around 4-5 times) and then everything seems to be working fine again.

If theres anything I can do to help solve this issue let me know.

Thanks for a great product otherwise :)

German Letters: I checked my settings and they are set to the appropriate language, but I still see the encoded versions of special letters.
Is there a way to enable notification of new RSS entries, the same way we are notified when there is a new mail ?
RSS Popper worked nice up to version 0.26. The newer version don't work with authentication in combination with HTTPS (encrypted web-site).
Anyone an idee? Sagi, please help.

Jeroen Kahn

I just swapped out to a new laptop and installed the .31 and I cannot add Engadget. The first error is "failed to retrieve title from feed" and the second error is "' ', hexidecimal value 0x33, is an invalid character. Line 511, postition 10. The character in ' ' is a little square. I was able to use engadget previously on .30. I treid to install .30 over .31 but get the same error. Thanks. I LOVE this thing.
When I try to download the EETimes RSS feed (, RSSPopper complains that "The value of the date string in the header is invalid." Can you have a look?

I am using RSS Popper 0.32e and I am facing a problem. As I am subscribed to a lot of feeds and RSS Popper records a myriad of information for each feed in RSSPopper.log, I am getting a big file on my profile, which is restricted in size. I hope there will be a way to disable such logging feature or a way to set log file name and location.


Luciano Evaristo Guerche
Taboao da Serra, SP, Brazil
Great job on your talk on internet connections. I have a internet connections secrets blog if you wanna swing by my place!
Since a few days RSS Popper won't download anything from bloglines. Do you have any idea?
Does anyone here have a problem with OL2003 "unread messages" folder? I use popper0.31d, and except for unexpected times - the "unread messages" folder doesn't omit the read messages after I step out of it and return into it. It's either an "RSSPopper" issue, or winXP TabletEd problem, since otherwise - my OL is exactly the same as any other...

Do feel free to let me know: eightball at hotmail dot co dot il
Awsome! Thanks for making this app available!

Hello, I recieve this error:

Failed while reading feed: Microsoft Watch

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

- Outlook 2003/Win XP Pro
- I have tried every proxy setting I could think of, and still no luck.

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