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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Next RSS Popper release

Some people asked why RSS Popper isn't an Outlook Add-In. Well, the reason is I had some compatibility issues with Outlook 2000. Those issues were over comed, I hope, few days ago and I really hope that in less than two weeks I'll release an Add-In version of RSS Popper.

I want to thank everyone for their comments and bug reports.

I'm looking forward to the Outlook-version.

I have an annoing effect: RSS Popper has a problem with my internet connection, it works only sometimes. But really anoing is that i get every time new item with an error message. I have as much error messages (cause my PC is running 24 hours) than real-messages and i have many messages ;-)

Please write the error-messages to a logfile or an other folder or in one item in the RSS-folder....
Absolutely great news!! Can't wait to see it in action :-D
Regarding the error messages - I will address this issue in the coming version.
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