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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Version 0.19a released

* Refresh feeds on application load
* Added support for RSS 0.92

Bug Fixed:
* Application couldn't be terminated gracefuly during feed retrieval.
* Failed retrieve items without content
* Failed to handle ATOM feeds without a culture definition

Oh, yes, I moved to a new home page:

Installed 0.19a on Windows XP Pro with Office 2003 Pro Edition with Office 2003 Service Pack 1 and RSSPopper gives error message that it can't find outlook or outlook is the wrong version.

Version of Outlook is:
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (11.6359.6360) SP1
You're the second one to say this. If you'll contact me by e-mail maybe I'll be able check it out. I've tried to simulate it and failed.
Another option is to wait for version 0.20 which will be a plug-in, thus, I hope, will have less problems with Outlook competability.
Thanks. I'll wait for version 0.20

BTW, what is the timeframe for that version. I'm just curious.

Thanks for working on this project. It is very cool.
As it seems now I'll release v0.20 on Monday (Jan 31th)
19a works fine, but i can not close outlook 2003 anymore. it will always stay in the bar.

only kill task with taskmanager under windows 2000 profesional correct the problem.
When RSS Popper load it open Outlook COM object, which loads Outlook process. The Outlook process will close if you'll close RSS Popper.

This issue will not be relevant anymore in the next version when RSS Popper will be an Add-In, and will be loaded & unloaded with Outlook.
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