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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Version 0.20 beta available

As many of you have requested, RSS Popper is now an Outlook Add-In. This is the first version of the RSS Popper as an Outlook Add-In & I still consider it as beta so version 0.19 will continue to be available.

* RSS Popper is now an Outlook Add-In
* Insert messages faster into Outlook.
* Error messages are saved in a specific folder (RSS Popper Errors)
* More rebust date parser
* Added configuration options:
- Global proxy & authentication configuration (* NOT BACKWARD COMPETIABLE *)
- Allow to disable the error e-mails - Configurable base default directory
- Configurable refresh interval (both global & per-feed)
* Added proxy testing option (only for global proxy settings)

Known Issues:
* A problem with Outlook XP causing the message content to disappear

Just to let you know I use RSS Popper in my Outlook and it works great!

Thnx and keep up the good work!

I'm using RSS Popper 0.20e on Windows XP-SP1 with Outlook 2003. Haven't had any issues. This is very handy.
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