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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Version 0.25g released

* Support GZIP stream (reducing traffic)
* Added support for HTTP ETag & Last-Modified headers (caching/reducing traffic).
* Added support for RSS 2.0.1
* Allow all types of security certificates

Bug Fixed:
* Support software that loads Outlook without GUI (ActiveSybc, HideOutlook, etc.)

I don't think the links on the download page have been updated for the new version.
I think anonymous above is right - the 25g link still says its rsspopper24.exe or something like that.
Hmm... I tried them all (24, 25 and 26) but none seems to authenticate my NTLM SSL rss feed :(
For the moment, it would appear that the development version link is the link to 0.25g
1. I've fixed the links in the download page.

2. NTLM authentication - can you give me an example for such feed?
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