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Friday, May 27, 2005


Version 0.27 released

* Added an option to download full feed HTML
* Allow multiple feeds with the same link (for example - gmail accounts)
* UI change: Allow to change feed URL

Hi Sagi,

the new HTML download feature is really great - thank you so much for your efforts.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to select a path for the RSS popper errors?

2. I would like to use Outlook filter rules (via rule assistant) on RSS feeds, and I believe that it is possible by e.g. using categories. However, then an option in RSS popper would be necessary to place a category (e.g. "RSS") to each feed. Could you try to do that?
Alternatively, the RSS feed header could be used, however the Outlook rules assistant only accepts real senders (taken from e.g. the address book), but not entries such as "From: Sagi" or "Bereitgestellt in: RSS Popper" (sorry, I don't know how the latter is called in English Outlook - maybe "Provided in:"?).

Kind regards,
Could you try to have the context menu "Subscribe in RSS popper" also for Firefox (like for IE)?

Again, best regards,
Wow! Rss popper is great and just what I needed. I was using mozila thunderbird because it has a built in rss reader but I still had to use outlook because it's not as good as outlook nor does it have as many features. Now I can uninstall it all together.

Thanks Sagi, may God bless you and your entire family.
Excellent software.

On the list of "future features", how about an "auto-delete" of an item after so many days (either global, or on feed config or both) >

Great and many thanks
Until I'll implement auto-delete, you can use the auto-archive to get similar results.
I've been having issues lately not receiving Feeds from MediaWiki "discussion" pages. Other parts of the site appear to be working fine though and other people not using RSS Popper are not having this issue. Unfortunantly all of these sites are internal so I can't provide you with a URL. =(

When using this at work, I need to use a proxy connection to get access to the internet, however it appears that the connection is unstable unless I specify the proxy and the credentials explicitly.

Can't RSSPopper take the settings from Internet Explorer if I select "Default" for both Proxy and Authentication options?

Also, a minor niggle but I've noticed that since installing RSSPopper, my folders all collapse each time I launch Outlook (2003) - I'm certain the collapse/expand state was saved prior to installing RSSPopper. Is RSSPopper causing this, or is it merely a coincidence?

I used RSS Popper for a while, but for some reason it stopped to function. Uninstalling and re-installing does not help. Any ideas how to work this out (WinXP SP1, outlook 2003 SP1)?


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