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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Version 0.28 released

* Added a configuration for the time before the first feeds refresh.
* Added ON/OFF button
* Minor UI changes to comply with Windows standards.

Bugs Fixed:
* Problem with very long attachment names.
* Fixed a small issue of clearing HTML tags from message title
* Support RSS version tag 2.00
* Blank 'From' field if the exists but empty

dear sagy,

Since 0.26 authentication isnt working

Nice plugin. Here's a possible addition that would aid usability

I have a folder in my Outlook hierarchy called RSS, and various folders under RSS for categorisation - eg WebDesign, Technology, News. and in each of these folders are the feeds for that category (eg in the RSS/Technology folder would be the Gizmodo feed).

It would be useful if these parent folders could be bolded and show number of unread posts in the child feeds, so that there is a visual alert when there are new posts
RSS Popper is great piece of useful software.
Personally, I would like to leave NewsGator Outlook plug-in for good, but I can’t because of two things:
1. Authentication thru domain account did not work. RSS Popper cannot reach feeds behind domain security access.
2. 0.94 feed is not supported
Great app. My wishlist would be:

Read More -> Open webpage in preview pane of outlook

"Add Feed" from context menu on folder in navigation screen

When moving a folder in outlok navigation menu, also change feed config.
* Authentication - You might refer to GMail authentication problem. It will be resolved in 0.29a

* New items notification - On my TODO list.

* Changing feed folder if the folder is moved - On my TODO list.

* NTLM Authintication - I hope to check it in the near future.

* RSS 0.94 - I've added it to the supported RSS versions. However I can't verify this because I can't find such feed. Again version 0.29a
Hi Sagi

please DON'T write the LogExceptions.txt to the root dir.
Limited useraccounts have no permissions to do so.

C:\Documents and Settings\{Username}\Application Data\RssPopper\LogExceptions.txt

would be the right location. If you want the user to "see" the log place it on the desktop.



P.S.: The Import is great now, go on - super cool App :-)
You're right. Log removed.
Super cool app would be cool to have a link from fire fox to subsribe to feed as well
I just tryed this version. Thx for the nice work and keep on going. I'll habe now a try on the newest version.
I just tryed this version. Thx for the nice work and keep on going. I'll habe now a try on the newest version.
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