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Saturday, July 30, 2005 synchronization

I've just uploaded RSS Popper 0.30b which includes a new feature (among others) - synchronization.

To add a blog line account feed: Open "Edit Feed" -> "New Feed" menu -> "Bloglines Account"

p.s. It's still a beta...

I can not see the new option for in 30b Build.

I think that the images of the messages are not downloaded any more.

George J.
There's a new menu in the "Edit Feeds" window (upper-left part of the window).

I know I must do something more visible, just not sure how yet.
The image links are not downloaded anymore, I am sure of it now.

So the feeds that are marked to download the page link they include.

George J.
Thank you for your comment. This issue is now fixed (in v0.30c)
god work... i try it... very soon news!
When I try to set up my bloglines account it errors out saying unable to parse xml. I've supplied my login credentials and all.

What should the url look for Bloglines?
I don't seem to be able to get the bloglines sync to work. It validates fine, refreshes fine, but it never actually downloads my feeds.

I've looked around elsewhere for a solution, but I can't find anythign. Any ideas?
Kyle - It uses:
to list items & to verify account (just open it in IE) and
to get the items. If the problem is during verification, could you send me the XML you get with IE?

Ryan - RSS Popper gets only unread items. Do you have any unread item in your account? (please reply via e-mail)
Is this two-way synchronization with Bloglines? In other words, if I mark an item as read in Outlook will it update Blogines and vice-versa?

RSS Popper gets only the unread messages from Bloglines. When RSS Popper reads a message from Nloglines it marks it as 'read' in Bloglines.

You can read RSS from two computers using Bloglines & RSS Popper without getting the same item twice.
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