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Monday, August 08, 2005


Version 0.30 Fix

Due to a problem in RSS Popper 0.30 (0.30d), causing Outlook 2003 process to stay alive after shutdown (and might cause an error window), I've released a minor version (0.30e).

Thanks for the fix and keep up the good work - it's appreciated!
I'm glad to find out it was RSSPopper doing this. I've been submitting the error reports to Microsoft for a couple of days now.

Also, if the only thing you changed was something related to Outlook 2003, it shouldn't have an issue for people running Windows 98/ME, since they are limited to Outlook XP (2002).
I don't know about Win 98/ME, never tested RSS Popper on those platform...
The fix 0.30e works well. Thanks a lot Sagi.
Nice Work - RSS Popper is simplest RSS reader that works for Outlook out there. Great Job
I'm not sure if I'm an idiot or something, but I can't find the download. Under the download section, the date on the webpage is still Saturday 0.30e version.
where's the minor fix (30e download link)? i only see the 30d link...
It's a blog... I don't change the dates, just download from the link, it's the correct version (I've re-checked it).
the link at the following page gives you 30d...where's 30e? am i missing something?
Thanks for the fix, no problems yet. You almost turned me off entirely about .NET stuff with that 0.30d no-exit problem. :)
Sagi, could you add a feature that can delete received feeds after some x days?

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