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Friday, August 26, 2005


Version 0.31 released

This version contains only minor changes, don't upgrade if you're not experiencing problems.
Due to problems reported in 0.31c I've released 0.31d which solves those issues.

* Added "Refresh Interval" column to the "Edit Feeds" window.

Bugs Fixed:
* Improved compatibility with other programs running Outlook ('ActiveSync', 'HideOutlook' etc.)
* Improved XML support (some feeds didn't worked)

Hi Sagi,

same problem again. I can't download the file. Please put it again on a mirror site and hopefully also for future versions. ---> The page cannot be found :(

Thx in advance!

I've added the mirror.

It seems odd, because many people download from the main site. Try flushing you DNS cache.

Again Outlook generate errors at the end of exiting Outlook. The same problem as the previous version.
I've just re-tested it with Outlook 2003 and it seems to be OK.

In what setup you've noticed this problem?
The setup was:
- Windows XP Prof. Dutch (including SP2)
- Outlook 2003

Version 0.32a seems to be ok with the exception of the texts "Unable to locate resource string" in the titlebar and OK-button.
I'm sorry, the texts has to be "Faild to find resource string" instead of "unable to locate resource strings".
Hi Sagi,
will RSS Popper support Atom 1.0 in next release or futher? It will be good, thnx for your job...
I couldn't find an ATOM 1.0 blog anywhere, I you'll point on one I'll add support in RSS Popper

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