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Saturday, October 08, 2005


German letters

I've just uploaded a new build of RSS Popper 0.32b which should fix a problem with special German letters.

I would appreciate feedback on this matter (it's hard to check this).

p.s. I got complaints about this only from Germany, but I think that this was the case for some other languages (French?).

I'm using a German edition of Outlook 2003 and regularly read about a dozen blogs using RSS Popper. Never had any problem with German Umlaute. Perhaps you may publish instructions on how to reproduce it?
I assume the problem occurs only when using Non-German editions of Outlook (I noticed the problem in the English edition).

It's good to know there's no problem when using German edition.
I use the US version of Outlook 2000 SP3, and there are problems with French and German special characters. I.e. àéèêîû and äöüß aren't shown correctly. I'll send you examples via e-mail.
Hi, I use Outlook 2003 English version but I recieve Spanish blogs without trouble. All special characters áéíóú and ñ look OK.
I have installed the latest beta 0.32c and no problems with german umlauts. Maybe it depend on the "charset"-definition of the feed ?
I'm using "charset=UTF-8" with my feed and have no problems with rsspopper and my feed. Maybe you can check that. Or simply post a feed-URL which shows the problem
OK, this is hard - Polish diacritic letters. Instead of them I get question marks.
But then again I use an English Outlook and Japanese Windows. I also read RSS with Opera browser and everything looks fine there, though.

I think generally the problem is with default encoding - it should be UTF-8 or ISO 8859-2 for Central European languages, but sometimes it doesn't work either. Could there be encoding choice in RSS Popper Options?
Nice work. This version fix problems with WinXP and OutlookXP and some of the polish rss feeds.
But I've got problem with new feed
Can you check this? Thank you
Hi - nice product - but we do have problems with danish charaters in the subject field!
This (subject line problems) can be solved only by changing the "Regional Settings"
problem -

The RSS is corrupted.

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