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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Version 0.32 released

* Support for synchronization
* Support Atom 1.0 (Preliminary)
* Added an option to redirect all links thru to prevent Outlook 2003 SP2 phishing warning.
* Improved feeds registration UI
* Improved installation process

Bugs Fixed:
* Better handling http caching (handle invalid protocol values)
* Fixed problem displaying central European languages special characters (Umlaute ect.)

The Atom 1.0 support isn't quite there yet. For testing, you can try to use Tim Bray's feed. Since he was co-chair of the committee, his feed has a good chance of using the correct format. Right now, I still get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errors when subscribed to it.

Also, I found that all feeds from regularly dump a bunch of empty, marked-read items into the subscription folder, although they don't show any errors.
Thanks - I've fixed the issue with Tim's blog in version 0.33a. It will be availble for download in a day or two.

I've failed to reproduce the error with
Thanks! You might want to stay subscribed to a LiveJournal feed for a couple days, the error doesn't happen on every update. Another characteristic is that the spurious empty entries show up as already read in Outlook before I even look at them. Is there something in your code that might generate an already-read message?

I also have problems with another blog. After pulling in the initial items correctly, it now comes back with "The server committed a protocol violation" every time. It's possible it's the server's fault, but if so I'd need some more details in the error message...
Hello Sagi,
would it be possible to add enhanced proxy handling, i.e. also use scripts that automatically set the proxy, e.g. h**p://domain.tld:port/array.dll?Get.Routing.Script.
Some companies like mine use such scripts in MS Internet Explorer and also in Firefox ("automatic proxy configuration URL") which collide with the "hardcoded" (manually set) proxy settings in RSS Popper.
Anyway, a big thankyou for your great efforts, your time spent for the community and this really great RSS tool!
My best regards,
agent orange
Incidentally, the same LiveJournal "empty posts" bug happens with this blog as well, so it's probably not just a buggy server implementation...
Proxy - Please send me e-mail - It's not the server, I found a bug... IIt will be fixed in 0.33a and above
Just tried out 0.33a, things are greatly improved -- thanks! However, I still notice two problems:

LiveJournal entries are missing their subjects (just blank).

Atom feeds (e.g. Tim Bray's) have their "Sent" dates for all entries set to the date when the feed was checked, rather than each entry's "published" date.

Thanks for your efforts in making a great application even better!
LiveJournal - The problem fixed in 0.33a was of the missing "TITLE" tag. Most likely - there is no title, try to open such item, and check the post itsef.

Atom date problem - I'll fix it in version 0.33b.
Oh yeah, I forgot that LiveJournal entries don't have titles, sorry. I'd gotten used to other aggregators that just extract the first few words of the entry's body when the title is empty. Anyway, doesn't matter.
I noticed another minor bug: in some entries (e.g. Tim Bray's feed, once again), words often run together (likethis). Is it possible that RSS Popper is taking out newline characters but forgetting to replace them with spaces?

Also, I have a potentially non-trivial enhancement request. My errors folder tends to fill up quickly when even one feed has a problem. I don't want to ignore errors altogether, but it would be nice if, when posting an error, RSS Popper could check if the exact same error message is already in the folder and if so just increment an occurrence count in it.

Thanks for putting in the time to work on a great tool.
Hi Sagi,
did you get my email regarding the automatic proxy setting issue?
Kind regards, ao
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