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Thursday, January 05, 2006 feeds & Offline browsing

There was a problem to download web pages from - RSS Popper couldn't download the images.

This issue was fixed in version 0.34c and it is recommended to update if you read feeds off-line.

btw - There's a cool Outlook add-on to send messages to SharePoint, check out SharedLook

I'm getting duplicate items from the Slashdot feed, i.e. every time it pulls downs the RSS, Popper creates 10 "new" items (with most of them being duplicates). This is using version 0.34c with content download enabled, and didn't happen a few versions back. Any chance of getting this fixed, or maybe there's a better feed address for Slashdot? Thanks.
The fix in v0.34c caused some problems with forwarded RSS feeds (such as Slashdot).

I'll fix it during this weekend (in version 0.34d).
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