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Thursday, January 05, 2006


RSS Popper for Outlook Express

I've just finished writing a variant of RSS Popper for Outlook Express 6 (initial alpha version). It's not really an 'add-in' but a stand-alone program. It's based on RSS Popper engine so it contains all the features of RSS Popper (or so I think, didn't check everything yet).

If there will be a demand I might consider writing a 'real' add-in for OE. If someone tries it please drop me a line & tell me if it works on your computer.

Update (14.01.2006): As of Alpha 3 RSS Popper for OE is an add-in.

It works, though not flawlessly on my XP SP2, OE 6.00.2900.2180. I exported an OPML from RSSPopper for OL and imported it with the OE version.

First, the subject lines are not correctly encoded, thus displaying German umlaute incorrectly. Second, and more annoying, the OE-version is incapable of creating subfolders. It seems as if RSS Popper exported my folder structur of OL to the OPML-file, but in OE I just get folder names like "RSS\RSS\blawgs\law blog" instead of a subfolder named "law blog" under a subfolder "blawgs".

Nice idea by the way, although I'll stick to the OL version anyway.
Thank you for your comments.

A. Subfolders & OPML - Fixed in v0.34b Alpha2

B. German umlautes - From Alpha2 it should work if your local settings are the same as the RSS feed language. I'm still working on a complete solution (no idea yet).
I've encountered the same problem with subfolder (I've created them manually) :-)

It's a great idea RSSPopper for OE :-)

I hope it will be a plug in as in Outlook
I'm encountering the same problem with the folder/subfoldes.
Also it wants to keep pulling feeds it has already gotten after you close the Edit Feeds dialog box.

also .. please (and again please) do this as a true plugin :) .. nothing would make me happier than to get rid of one more program running all the time.
A. Subfolders - did you noticed this problem with Alpha2? if so please send me the OPML...

B. Changed feeds - RSS Popper might pull old feeds after feed editing if it's in the middle of a feed refresh. This will happen only once.

C Add-in: I'm checking it.
A. Subfolders - did you noticed this problem with Alpha2? if so please send me the OPML...

this happened with the default set of feeds that are created on first run
RSS Popper

C Add-in: I'm checking it.

Thank you :)
Please make this a plugin for express. :)
Its working on my Windows XP SP2 box with the latest version of OE; however, the view settings keep changing to 'Copy of Show All Message' and results in the messages not displaying. I have to keep changing the view setting back to 'Show All Messages' in the toolbar. Otherwise, the OE version is very nice.
I couldn't understand the problem. Can you send a screen shot (by e-mail)?
Is it possible to set the polling time to less than 60. I am testing this for someone who want to use it for a system outage website. Getting an email in OE would be absolutely brilliant but having to wait an hour to be notified would be a little ordinary from their perspective.

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