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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Version 0.35 Released

* Improved support for Atom 0.3 feeds that does not follow the standard.
* Convert HTML code symbols in message title (such as "quot")
* Improved XML parser to support some invalid XMLs.
* Improved image downloading & added support for images in forms buttons.
* Improved Outlook Express installer (not all DLL released before upgrading "RSS Popper")

Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed support for error messages in Outlook Express version
* Fixed a problem with URL that contain spaces.

I am suspicious there may be a memory issue with 0.35 and Outlook (actually 2002). I notices some time ago that my Outlook was running up to 70+MB memory use. On initial start it was at 30’ish, but over 5 minutes rose to 50’ish then gradually over 24 hrs went up to 70+MB.

I have spent some time playing around with different things. Initially I thought it may be because I have changed from Firefox 1.5 as my default browser to IE7. Certainly IE7 as the default browser (seems to) increases Outlooks memory use, but it quickly stabilises. Over the last 4 days I have got to running tests with 0.3 and 0.34 and 0.34 does not suffer the high memory use. In the tests I have only been changing 0.35 or 0.34 (and back again).

I don’t know if it’s a memory leak or just high memory use but use does creep-up.

I’ve only tested it briefly but the initial increase in RAM use does not happen anything like so much (if at all) when Outlook is set to run offline.

Excellent software. Please do not take my comments as any criticism – but rather I hope I am helping by pointing things out.

I reinstalled system and... RSSPopper. Once again it doesn't work with RSS from
This is strange but... after reinstallation there is no link to "Search for TOPIC NAME".
The "Search for TITLE" link was removed because of some technical problems (temporary I hope).
Under Options I set up my proxy using Auto Config URL (which is correct and the connection tests OK). But after that I can't eneter new RSS feeds.
When I go to - Edit Feeds - New>> - RSS/Atom Feeds - I get a very long error message beginning with:
System.Exception: WinHttpGetProxyForURL returned with error code 87.

Any idea what this is?

safecutt says
I'm getting the same error when the proxy is enabled... Here is a screen capture of the error dialog. As soon as you click the New -> RSS/Atom feeds action, this dialog pops up.
Slight aside but does anybody have any idea how to stop IE7 detecting RSS feeds on a page and then re-formatting the page, etc. so you cannot see the XML. I (and loads of other people hate this “new feature” and like many Microsoft things is is difficult to disable to do things properly.

The thing I hate about the new feed detection is that the IE7 re-formatting tends to force you to subscribe in IE7 – i.e. Microsoft assuming you will only ever want to use their software for everything (plus its difficult to see exactly what is being subscribed to). Firefox is great in this regard but IMHO IE7 is faster and better than Firefox (several feature making IE7 easier to use).

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