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Monday, April 24, 2006


iCal support

I've just uploaded v0.36a2 which is the second build of RSS Popper with iCal support.

To register iCal feed:
* Open 'Edit Feeds' window.
* Click 'New'
* Select 'iCal' in the feed type list.

RSS Popper creates a meeting request for each meeting in the iCal feed, and it looks like this:

RSS Popper with iCal feed

Since I'm not a big iCal fun, I can't really check this (I'm not aware of many feeds).

The most important features that are NOT supported by RSS Popper 0.36a2 are:
* Events update (if event is changed - no update is sent).
* Time zones
* Recurring events
* Remainder (partial support - never tested)

Darn. When you announced this as an upcoming feature I thought you were talking about iCal support the other way: exposing Outlook as an iCal. That I could use, this - eh, not so useful (for me at least). I guess iCal publishing would be considerably more complex given server requirements, etc.
Try for various iCal calendars
Importing Ical calendars into Outlook is something a lot of people are looking for. MS are going to integrate it for outlook 2007 but for the rest of us who don't want to shell out for a new version this wil be stupidly useful
There seems to be an issue with feedburner feeds. Or at least this one in particular:

Every time they add an entry, RSSPopper downloads all of the entries over again.
When I try to subscribe to an iCal feed such as London events:


It doesn't work because of recurring events - how does it work? Does it need only one recurring event in the feed for all of it to be abandoned?

Thanks to the anonymous postor for the icalshare link.

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