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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Future plans

For the last few months I didn't had the time to work on RSS Popper. In the next week or two I think I'll have more time, so if you sent a request during the last 3-4 months I would be happy if you'll send it again. I promise to answer any mail in the next 2 weeks.

I've read somwhere on the web tha the next version of Windows Vista will support RSS on its Mail Client.
Guess next version of MS Outlook as well.
I would appreciate if you can make handling of proxy little better. For example when I set auto proxy URL, it works perfectly when it is present, but if it is not present or is not possible to reach that URL would be great if you use no proxy at all and try to reach RSS feeds directly.

That way I can keep auto proxy URL there and it will work when I am at my job and also when I am at home and no auto URL can be accessed.

Same maybe is handy for normal proxy set, if it is not possible to reach proxy server defined than try to access RSS without proxy.

Or other solution could be use proxy_html environment variable. If it is set use it and if it is not set access inet directly. This way some other soft works and makes it easy to use same settings at different places.
Thanks for a great product! I am new to RSS so this might not make sense so bear with me.

In my feeds, most articles seem to have some graphic files or other attachments in them. This seems to cause Outlook to ask "Do you want to save your changes" when I open an article. Obviously, I haven't changed anything but it does get a little bit annoying to have to answer that dialog box hundreds of times.

Thanks again
Todd Smith
Proxy - I'm aware of the proxy issues, however, since I work at home I don't have a way to test the proxy settings. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Images in posts - I've noticed that issue. It happends when you open the post & Outlook changes the HTML tags. If you'll send me (e-mail) as link to such feed, I could try to create an HTML that Outlook won't change.
How about remembering the RSS ON/OFF setting between sessions.

Depending on where I'm working I sometimes have to turn it off, and its a bit annoying to have to turn it off everytime I restart Outlook.
I've just upgraded to version 0.36a2. I always set the feed to download the web page and now I seem to be getting this irritating Google Search box at the bottom of every web page. It is not on the original pages. I've double checked my computer for viruses. Downloaded and run several anti-spyware scans an found nothing so I not believe its RSS Popper putting this in !!!

Assuming this is the case, can you get rid of it - its not useful and messy/nasty. If its important, then make it an option for RSS Popper to get rid of it.

RSS Popper is great. So good I have given up all my Poscast readers and use RSS Popper for those as well. However, the Google Search is so irritating that if it stays I will switch so a different RSS Reader.

ON/OFF - Good idea, I'll add it in v0.36b

Google Search Box - I've removed it in v0.36a3 which was never released. Wait few days for version v0.36b

I can help you with proxy testing. I have almost all environments you can think of.

Please contact me via e-mail (rsspopper at
I have been using Outlook 2007 at home for a few months; it does have built-in RSS feeds. That being said, it's a huge space hog of a program, and needs a P2.4 w/512RAM or better to run properly, so anyone with a PC more than 2 years old or so won't want to upgrade.
It would be nice if you could add Firefox support to method of adding RSS Feeds to the RSS Reader.

That would be nice. :)
intraVNews (competitor) seems to manage to do the download web pages and displaying them in the preview pane without having all the attachments listed. This is a great benefit as the preview pane is pretty useless as many feeds have loads of web pages.
When downloading enclosures for a feed (e.g. podcasts), allow a disk directory to be specified and the enclosures (e.g. podcasts) to be downloaded to that directory.

Tidying-up the web page download (which is a really valuable feature and I use it on all feeds) would be great (i.e. to get round the "save changes dialogue after opening the message for the 1st time and the attachments for every image, etc.) would be really great.

Thank you for a great product. I am rolling it out to all my colleagues at work, and I've found a few problems.

One is that a couple of my colleagues' feeds get reset and all the default feeds are back. It happens every other day. All computers run Windows XP.

I also have noticed that only a few have the possibility to add feeds through IE. As suggested earlier, a feed adding feature through Firefox would be great.

Thanks again!

Great Product... Thanks Heaps...
I agree with the request for better Proxy integration. We use a Squid Proxy that requires authentication and it would be great if I could just set it in IE or the Internet Options Control Panel and then have RSS Popper use those settings properly.
Oh, I just realised that proxy problems have been posted already, but just to say it again - great FREE plugin.

I think my problem is proxy related: when I try to add a new RSS feed I get a message box that begins like - System.Exception: WinHttpGetProxyForUrl returned with error code 87...

Any ideas?
I'd really really really like to have a FireFox plugin that allows me to subscribe to RSS feeds when right-clicking the link....

Thanks a lot!

about proxy, I did send you two mail on gmail account I get no answer. You still like to help with proxy testing?

Integration with Firefox would be great...

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