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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Version 0.36 released

* Improved non-English letters support.
* Remember RSS is ON/OFF settings (setting saved in the configuration file)
* Initial iCal support

Bugs Fixed:
* Destination folders name which ends with '\' caused creation of blank folder name

HI, first thanks for your popper. You announced new 0.36version, but for download there is only 0.36b available. Do I something wrong? Thank you
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Great job with RSS Popper.
As Miks said, where is the 0.36 release ?...not in the "download" page :(

great site...looking forward to learning more about rss popper.
Hi Sagi,
haven't heard anything from you in the last months. Are you still developing/supporting RSS Popper?
I am looking forward to 0.36 (which is not available for download despite your announcement, unfortunately) and hope that the auto config URL feature for the proxy will work for me, too.
Thanks a lot for your great tool!
My best regards, ao
I'm on a very long vacation away from my computer. I've just tried to D/L v0.36 and it seems OK. Could you alaborate about the problem?
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I installed RSS Popper last week and it worked fine. But then - I don't remember that I had done anything, I just disabled the download of the whole site - the feeds aren't refreshed anymore. I deinstalled the Popper (I also deleted the configuration folder) and started again. But know it doesn't do anything. It doesn't create this RSS-Folder..

Can you help me with this problem?
Hi. I like this product, but I have some ideas for next features, which are not so complicated.

I use Outlook express 6 on XP.

1. store "sent" date and time as as publication date
2. store "received" date and time as local time when was feed refreshed

Why? When some subject on a we page was changes in time, and they put it to feed, you can find this news sorted so down on original date, not on really received date.
2nd reason. Each server can actualize their feed in other time. I had a news from 12:50 , I mark it as read, and then a got a news with time 12:45, which was not on top, but was a second news.
Hi Sagi,

Really great work. It is something I have been looking for. Finally I found it. Thanks again for the wonderful work. Keep it up buddy !!

: )
I'm not good in RSS, but it's worth to learn when you are a professional.

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