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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Content redirection

In the near future I plan to shutdown the hosting of

Users which uses the content redirection feature of RSS Popper to bypass the phishing warning of Outlook should install RSS Popper 0.36c which uses a new redirection host.

I already placed a notice in the redirection page.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for great Outlook Addin. I tried using Outlook 2007's "built-in" RSS Reader and I quite literally "hate it". Long Live RSSPopper!
Thanks for the updates..but Still the issue remains ...See I am currently using it for organising emails for our seo company but I found that organizing news feeds from various sites is somewhat difficult and sometimes requires new tools..Even many others too have the similar problems...
if you're not developing it further, maybe you could release the source code (despite what you wrote), so we can develop it further?... this is a really good piece of software, but it needs some improvements.
the memory leakage is killing me..
is this open source, if not it should/(i would like it to be).

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