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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


RSS Popper 0.38d released

* Added feed translation (title translation & link to Google Translate).
* Added Swedish translation.
* Improved RSS Parser

Bugs Fixed:
* Several minor bugs (mostly related to the RSS Parser).

check download links they appear to be off
Download links off. Check it, please.
Just did, they seem to be OK, could you post the link that doesn't work?
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First of all - your English is probably better than my English.

The download link works just fine. It might be a temporary issue with the hosting provider. Does the the problem persist?
The download worked perfectly for me.

Jack O'Sullivan
Bedroom Sets
Actually, I had my virus blocker pop up and said be careful with that file....

Jack O'Sullivan
Bedroom Furniture Sets
Men's Dress Shoes
@Jack - which antivirus you use? I never heard about such a problem.
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