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Thursday, February 11, 2010


RSS Popper for Outlook 2010

I got few e-mails saying that RSS Popper doesn't work with Outlook 2010. My guess is that Microsoft changed something in the registration of Add-ins in Outlook.

I'll check it only with the final version of Outlook 2010 later this year.

UPDATE: It work's just fine with Outlook 2010 x32, so I guess the problem is only with the x64 version.


I'm also very, very, very interested in someone verifying and documenting whether it works for Outlook 2010 64-bit. Since it's .NET under the covers, my guess is that if it currently doesn't work, it will be a few simple installer changes to make it work. But I would like someone to verify that.

RSSPopper is so far superior to the existing Outlook 2007 RSS feed usability, and I depend on hundreds of RSS feeds for my daily work, that I honestly couldn't move to Office 2010 64-bit (and you can't run Outlook 32-bit side by side with any other Office 2010 64-bit product) without RSSPopper working.


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